Property Insurance – Coverage for damages to your organization’s building and the contents contained therein.


A snapshot of what business property insurance typically covers:

  • Buildings – Coverage for your organization’s building
  • Business Personal Property — Coverage for property that is owned by the business that is utilized to create a profit
  • Employee Dishonesty (Including ERISA) — Coverage for an employee committing theft, forgery, and dishonest acts that result in a loss
  • Utility Services — Coverage for property loss due to utility interruption. (i.e. water, communication, power)
  • Ordinance and Law — Coverage for costs incurred due to complying with ordinances, standards, and/or laws

Property Coverage may also cover assets such as…

Accounts Receivable | Money and Securities (On and Off Premises) | Outdoor Property | Branded or Labeled Inventory
Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency | Outdoor Signs | Identity Theft Resolution
Personal Effects and Property of Others | Theft/Damage to Leased buildings | Inventory Spoilage Due to Loss
Newly Acquired or Constructed Property | Valuable Papers and Records

* This is not a statement of contract and does not constitute a binder of insurance. Any coverage advertised herein is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.