Property losses can occur when least expected, and their impacts on your business can vary greatly. As a result, having an experienced and knowledgeable claims representative is key. Our claims team is readily available to assist when disaster strikes your commercial property. With local knowledge and perfected claims expertise, they will help your organization rebound from loss and assist in getting you back in business.

Because our claims team has a proven record of outstanding customer service, you can be confident that any claim you file will be given the proper attention and care throughout the resolution process. We are committed to resolving your claim promptly and fairly through sound and ethical adjustment practices.


  What to do in the event of a loss:

  • Report your property loss to your agent or directly to us as soon as possible. If a crime has been committed, such as theft or vandalism, notify the police immediately.
  • When it is safe to do so, take all reasonable steps to protect property from further loss or damage. For example, make temporary repairs to protect your property from weather damage, such as covering roof openings and boarding windows. If your property is damaged by water, contact a local water remediation company to begin drying efforts.
  • Separate undamaged property from damaged property, and take an inventory of damaged items.
  • Preserve all evidence relating to your claim, including damaged property and parts or materials related to the cause of the loss (failed piping, faulty wiring, defective materials, etc).
  • Take detailed photos of the scene as soon as possible, before conditions change. Remember that most cell phones have cameras, if a camera is not otherwise available.


If you have a claim to report, call your independent agent or contact us directly.


  • During Business Hours (8am – 5pm MST)
  • 24-Hour Serious Claim Service
  • Glass Repair and Replacement Claims

Additionally, claims forms are readily available to assist you in the initial report of your claim.