Berkley North Pacific Group offers a variety of installment plans and payment options, including Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Your Independent Agent will be happy to help you establish a payment plan that works best for your business.

Pay online

E-Pay Express

Pay online by electronic check with Berkley North Pacific’s online bill payment service E-PAY Express. Click here to visit the E-PAY Express web site, enroll, and begin making online payments by electronic check.

*Please note that credit cards are not accepted via the web.

Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone is available if you require assistance with paying by electronic check or credit card.

Call our Billing Department to:

Pay by check 877-385-9114 ,option 1

Pay by credit card 877-881-7046

Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am – 5pm CST.

Pay by Mail

Should you choose to pay your premiums by mail, please mail to:

Berkley North Pacific
Direct Bill
P. O. Box 639808
Cincinnati, OH 45263-9808

Please include a copy of your invoice with your payment.


For FED EX and other services requiring a physical address, please send the payments to:

Berkley North Pacific
Direct Bill
11201 Douglas Avenue
Urbandale, IA 50322

Billing Inquiries or Request for More Information

For billing inquiries, or more information on any of our payment methods, please contact a billing representative at 877-385-9114 option 1, Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am – 5pm CST.

For any other questions regarding billing and collections, you can also email us at [email protected].

Do you have questions about E-PAY Express?

Check out our FAQ’s

Q: Do I need any special hardware or software to sign up for E-PAY Express payment service?
A: No special hardware or software is required to use this service. You will only need Web access and your browser.
Q: What information do I need to enroll in E-PAY Express?
A: You will need a copy of a recent Berkley North Pacific billing statement which provides your account number and authentication code at the top of the first page. You will also need a valid email address, and your bank routing number and account number to set up a payment account or make a payment.
Q: Where can I find my account number and authentication code?
A: You can find your account number and authentication code on a recent paper bill. You will need this information to enroll.
Q: After enrolling in this presentment and payment service, when can I start paying my bills?
A: After you complete and submit the enrollment form, and respond to the activation email, we will start your service immediately. You can then access the service to pay a current billing summary. You should begin receiving an E-PAY notification each month when your billing summary is available.
Q: After enrolling, I received an email from “[email protected]”. Does this have anything to do with “E-Pay Express?
A: Yes, you will receive an email from that address confirming your initial enrollment, as well as confirmation of any payments you make. Please open and review the content of those emails.
Q: How long does it take to receive a new E-PAY billing summary?
A: Once you enroll your most recent bill is available immediately.
Q: What if I forget my password?
A: The initial screen provides the ability for you to have your password emailed to the email address you provided when you enrolled.
Q: How am I billed for this service?
A: There is no cost for enrolling in and using this payment site.
Q: Will I still receive a paper copy of the bill through the U.S. mail?
A: Yes, you will still receive a paper billing statement from Berkley North Pacific in the mail. This bill contains policy specific details, and shows all the transactions that have been processed on your policies.
Q: Why is the information displayed on my E-PAY Billing Summary different than the information shown on the billing statement I receive in the mail?
A: The E-PAY Billing Summary is a simple listing of the minimum amounts due on each of your policies and their corresponding due dates. The Billing Summary does not display the transactions that have been processed on your policies during the billing period, or payments that were posted to your account. To review the policy level detail you will need to refer to the billing statement that you received in the mail from Berkley North Pacific. The billing summary is an easy way to quickly view and pay the amounts due on your account. The minimum amounts due displayed on the E-PAY Billing Summary do correspond to the minimums due from the billing statement you receive in the mail.
Q: I made a payment, but the amounts on my E-PAY billing summary have not changed?
A: The billing summary is only updated once per month, just like your paper billing statement is only mailed once per month. Although you can always view the payments you have made online via the “Payment Status” report from the main menu, you will not see any changes to your monthly billing summary until a new bill issues the next month.
Q: Will I receive a reminder each month that I have a new E-PAY billing available?
A: Yes, each month when your detailed billing statement is mailed to you by Berkley North Pacific, a billing summary will be populated in E-PAY Express. You will receive an e-mail notification reminding you that a new E-PAY billing summary is available for viewing and is ready for payment.
Q: How can I confirm that a payment has been made?
A: After the payment date, check the status of the payment in E-PAY Express by looking in “Payment Status”.” If the status is “Paid,” then the payment has been sent. You can also check to see if the funds have been drawn from your bank account, or you can contact the billing department (1-877-385-9114, option 1) to see if they received and credited the payment.
Q: Can I store or view paid E-PAY billing summaries?
A: Yes, you can view paid summaries by looking at “Search and Pay my Bills.” Summaries will be available for a period of time, typically six to twelve months. You can always use your browser’s print function to print the bill if you want to keep long-term records.
Q: When is the money for the payment drawn from my bank account?
A: The funds for the payment are debited from your account on the scheduled payment date. Keep in mind that you should always have funds available to cover the payment on that date.
Q: How far in advance of the due date should I schedule my payments?
A: We suggest you schedule your payment for at least 3 business days before the actual payment due date.
Q: Can I make a payment greater than my regular monthly payment amount?
A: Yes, you can make a payment in any amount you choose, but you should always make certain that you are paying at least the minimum due for all of your policies.
Q: Can I be setup in the EFT program and still receive a Billing Summary through the E-Pay Express system?
A: No, you will not be able to view your monthly billing summary via E-Pay Express if you are setup on the EFT program.
Q: The amount for E-PAY seems incorrect. What should I do?
A: If you have questions about amount due, please contact the billing department for additional information.
Q: How do I cancel a payment I have already scheduled in E-PAY Express?
A: To cancel a payment you have already scheduled in E-PAY Express you must call a billing representative at 1-877-385-9114, option 1.
Q: My E-PAY Express notification is late. What should I do?
A: If your regular billing statement from Berkley North Pacific has arrived in the mail and you still have not received an email that your E-PAY Express Billing Summary is available please contact the billing department for additional information. Depending on billing cycles, the exact day you receive your bill each month may vary.
Q: What do I do if the minimum amount due or balance on my E-PAY Express billing summary is incorrect?
A: If the payment amount or balances on your billing summary seem incorrect please contact the billing department.
What do I do if the payment date is incorrect?
A: If the payment due date is incorrect please contact the billing department.
Q: Can I make a payment using my credit card?
A: Credit cards are only accepted over the phone.  To make a payment by credit card you must call 1-877-881-7046.
Q: How do I contact the Berkley North Pacific Billing Department?
A: Billing service is being provided Continental Western Group.
Phone: 1-877-385-9114, option 1
Email: [email protected]
Mail: Berkley North Pacific
P.O. Box 639808
Cincinnati, OH 45263-9808